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Greek EU debt Angela Merkel cartoon

Angela Merkel political cartoon - created for the London Times

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel deals with the Greek Euro debt. Threatening to dismember the remaining limbs of the embodiment of the Greek nation in the form of the iconic ancient statue of the Venus de Milo.

Greece has til the 30th June to meet German demands on repayments, but European and world markets are bracing themselves for the Euro member country being the first to exit the currency anf bring with it far reaching repercussions to other economies. With the Spanish, Portugese and Italian economies are also in dire straits the fear is they too could follow Greece out of the Euro, which would could be disastrous to not only yhe remaining member countries but also the UK economy too. With the government already signed up for decades of cuts this could result in the hardship continuuing even further into the future.

With euroscepticism already rife in the UK and demands for an in / out referendum on the cards it could be no longer a matter of if, but rather when the country leaves the European Union. Despite warnings from business of disastrous consequences, those on the hard right look to be winning the competition for votes using immigration and loss of the legal powers to Brussels as their rallying cry.

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