UK political cartoons
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To many the election of Donald Trump came as a great shock. To them it seemed unfathomable someone who openly states such ridiculous things be so popular that democracy could…
Gary Barker | 15/1/2017
Conservative Government put ideology and self-interest before country and the economy
Gary Barker | 18/10/2016
The reasoning behind claims of antisemitism in the Labour Party
Gary Barker | 17/10/2016
The Corporate Road to Fascism in the UKMost people associate Fascism with jackboots, secret police and concentration camps, but I would argue there is another more insidious…
Gary Barker | 14/10/2016
Anyone with eyes to see can't fail to recognise the UK media is now nothing more than a propaganda vehicle for the Conservative government and as such the Opposition would…
Gary Barker | 24/8/2016
The sad death of John Smith in 1994 turned out to be a tragedy for the whole nation as it brought to an end the long history of political and democratic choice in the UK.…
Gary Barker | 26/7/2016
This image was taken by an American woman of a US hospitcal bill she was presented for six nights stay during treatment. This bill does not include her actual medical treatment,…
Gary Barker | 25/7/2016
As the UK votes to leave the EU the Leavers don't even get to finish their post-coital cigarette before the holes start to appear in their arguments.The right leaning media…
Gary Barker | 23/7/2016
As someone who recognises there are many things wrong with the EU, on balance I think the positives outweigh the negatives. However, there is an upside to the Brexit camp…
Gary Barker | 17/5/2016
What everyone needs to know about what is being done to our NHS
Gary Barker | 7/3/2016
Political Cartoons and Illustrations
Lancashire, Fleetwood, UK
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