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Brexit and the bogus unaccountable unelected power agrument

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As the UK votes to leave the EU the Leavers don't even get to finish their post-coital cigarette before the holes start to appear in their arguments.

The right leaning media concentrate on the deceptions relating to immigration and the majority right wing media continue to stir the anti-immigration pot, many deluded Leavers continue to believe there will now be £350million a week more spent on the NHS. But The one issue that was probably the second most likely issue to sway people i.e. to cut the unaccountable and unelected power in the EU, goes almost unmentioned we are now faced with the reality of more far reaching unaccountable, unelected power here in the UK.


The inconvenient truth, that no one in the media nor parliament has mentioned is that unaccountable and unelected power here in the form of the House of Lords has far more direct control over all our lives than the technocrats in the Brussels could ever have dreamt of. The peers in the House of Lords actually pass every single law and act of parliament that goes into the running of our country, so why did this escape everyone's attention? The sad truth is the UK is in reality a democracy in name only and we are in fact still closer to a feudal system. In what other system could two men who were privileged enough to be in the same elitist Oxford drinking club at the same time, rise some years later hold the two most powerful political jobs in the whole UK i.e. London Mayor and Prime Minister, again at the same time? I wonder what odds you'd get on two mere mortals who went to the same comp achieving the same? But they were elected I hear you cry - that is true, but we have to accept that even the way they got into the position to be elected has all the hallmarks of the privilege that traditionally has packed the Conservative parliamentary benches and right wing newspapers columnist slots. From these positions it's a short hop behind the the fair wind blown by the majority right wing media, owned by a very small number of Tory supporting media oligarchs and Bob's your aunties live in lover - you have the Dave and Boris running the show and living the Establishment wet dream and the inevitable Brexit was just around the corner.

So here we are, the country has voted for 'freedom' when what they have actually got is a UK sized wormhole back to the 19th Century. To anyone who wants to dismiss my ananlysis with by calling me a lefty, pinko, I'll doff my cap, tug my forelock and beg your pardon sir / madam.

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