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The Conservative Party are now the enemy of the people

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The Conservative Party are now the enemy of the people.

Never being much a of fan of the Conservative Party, it will come as no surprise to those who know me to hear such claims from me. I have always stood firmly against putting self-interest before that of our country and that selfishness runs through the Tory party like type 2 diabetes runs through a stick of rock. In fact their entire reason for being: is to validate people's selfishness and salve any feelings of guilt by telling them they're doing what's best for the country, when of course the opposite is true and any good that comes from their actions is purely coincidental.

But post-Referendum that have mutated into a new far more virulent and aggressive form, they have metamorphosed into something far darker. Empowered by the Leave vote this selfishness has been coupled with a totalitarian grab for absolute power by the new unelected Prime Minister, reflected in her populist speech to conference which was gleefully compared to Enoch Powell in the Telegraph. Such is her determination to hold on to her new job she threw all caution to the wind and declared to conference that ensuring Brexit will go ahead even if the economy tanks. Now think about this, the leader of the party that the media would have us believe represesents the steady trusted hand of economic competence openly stated that ideology is more important than the well-being of this country.

But Theresa May is not the only one and in fact it was personal self-interest that led David Cameron to call the referendum on the EU in the first place. It wasn't anything to do with allowing the people to decide, it was all about silencing critics from within his own party and so suring up his own premiership. Well that worked out well, eh Dave?

Then there's everybody's favourite clown - Boris Johnson, he's a one isn't he? Recent revelations show he had 'reservations' too about leaving the EU i.e. he knew siding with the Leave campaign could work out very well for him, but he admitted leaving the EU would be bad for the country. So again, another senior member of this government admits he put personal self-interest before country. Not very patriotic that, from someone who loves to wave the flag around all the time.

But I hear you say, there is no alternative - Labour are a mess and Corbyn is unelectable. OK let's examine this too: why is Corbyn unelectable? Has he brought crisis on the country's beloved NHS so that senior advisors warn it is about to collapse? Has he handed control of UK nuclear assets to Chinese Communists in tawdry dash for cash? Has doubled the national debt in 6 years? Has he trebled university tuition fees, caused a boom in zero hours contracts and food banks, or anti-democratically forced fracking on people who have stated they don't want it? And yet we are collectively happy to trot out the media fed lie that he is unelectable.. Perhaps it's me, perhaps him having a beard and not wearing the right suit is more important to you than the well-being of your country. Because I can see no other logical reason to claim there is no alternative and to go along with the ridiculous and unfounded criticism against the man simply because he's bit of an old style lefty. If you think I am the one being ridiculous ask yourself this - if a Corbyn or any Labour leader had done all the things the Tories have done in the last 6 years do you think the media would supported them through all of that?

Again those who know me well, know I am neither a Labour nor a Conservative voter, so you may ask why I defend Corbyn if I don't ever intend voting for him? My answer is this: politics in a free and open modern democracy should never be about one party holding all the cards. But that is exactly what the Conservative Party have had increasingly over the last four decades (with a brief interlude of New Labour which in effect was more right wing than Heath's 1970's Conservative government). Today there is not on national newspaper that does not support the Conservative Party, by default, through their constant smearing and often fabricated lies about the Labour leader (with the possible exception of the Independent, which told it's readers to vote Tory in the 2015 General Election). TV news and political programming is the same and The BBC has totally lost it's way in this matter too and I don't even think they know what impartiality is anymore. We even have two well known Tory backing, banking brothers not only running a national daily, but now also backing fracking. We have multinationals supporting the Conservatives and croneyism is rife and in return they receive huge tax breaks that see the demise of many small UK businesses who cannot compete when they themselves must pay their taxes.

You may have heard the now popular expression 'you can't change anything without being in power', but if they were still with us I would like to hear those people try telling that to Rosa Parks or Nelson Mandela. Politics is not about supporting a party like you would a football team. It's not about winning at all costs, it's not about changing tactics week by week as the wind of public opinion shifts, it's about doing the right thing for the right reason and what could be more important that the well-being of our country? So we see the dawn of the new order, the Nu Britain, the Britain of Corporate Fascism and self-interest before our country and until people wake up and start opening their eyes to the truth instead of allowing themselves to be led, things will only get worse for all the ordinary people of the UK.

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