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Twelve Days of the Privileged Christmas editorial


PM and Chancellor celebrate another recession-proof Christmas for the priviledged few

Westminster is now viewed as a blinkered centre of self-serving privilege, where members of Parliament meet only to see how they can feather their own nests or those with whom they have vested economic interest by many. They are seen as detached and the charges leveled that how can multi-millionaires decide what is best for people whose lives are at the other end of the economic spectrum and yet they rule by dictat and cut with impunity their wages and jobs while the evidence supports the fact that many fiddle their expenses at the cost of the tax payers whose wages and stand of livng have fallen year on year since the coalition came to power in 2010. And at the heart of this Westminster engine lie the PM and Chancellor who are always very pleased with themselves as they accuse critics of the 'politics of envy.'

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Fleetwood, Lancashire
United Kingdom