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George Osborne illustration

George Osborne illustration

The Chancellor juggles the UK economy along a treaceherous path.

Any up-turn in the country's economy has to be carefully balanced as the fiscal cliff over which it could easily tumble is never far away. The UK has now experienced the slowest ever turn around and it is predicted that we will again face a downturn very shortly. With wage rises having sat below the rate of inflation for the last four years this is not good news for the average person who is unlikely to see any benefit at all from the so-called recovery.

Gary Barker creates editorials for UK and international newspapers including the London Times, Guardian, BBC, Estates Gazette, featuring the UK Prime Minister, Ed Miliband, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, plus comment pieces on the NHS, property market, transport, financial markets and the energy industry. In the upcoming 2015 General Election Labour and Ed Miliband will be concentrating on the NHS, while the Conservatives the economy. Internationally Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin play a dangerous game over Ukraine.

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