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The Democratic Deficit

The illusion of real democratic choice

There is now a clear disconnect existing in the UK today between the Westminster parties and the electorate. A healthy democracy would have a political centre drawn along the line separating right from left, but unfortunately the faux centre is now merely a line drawn between right of centre parties leaving t/p>he majority of the electorate stranded with no option of a party that would actually represent their true view. This has led to an upsruge in support for the far right UKIP as the media again has played a majo hand in promoting this party as the alternative or the vote for protest, when in reality the people protesting would be voting for a party that logically will make things worse for them.

The  largely right wing media owned and controlled by those who align themselves with the Conservative Party bear the brunt for the loss of real democratic choice in the UK and it is little wonder many are now taking to social media as their sole news source having lost trust in the once impartial but now deeply flawed BBC and other mainstream sources.

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