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Hung Parliament cartoon

Theresa May loses her majority

The Tory Prime Minister took the country to the polls presuming the backing of the vast majority of the media would see her sail to a landslide and a mandate to force through her hard brexit. With her poll lead into the election seemingly unassailable this plummeted as soon as she had to come out from hiding and face real people. Public performance after public performance was disastrous and then the manifesto and the dementia tax debacle. All this coupled with the public finally being allowed to heard what Jeremy Corbyn had to say (after two years of the media and many in his own party lambasting him 24/7) and they liked what they heard. Theresa May and her party had taken the electorate for granted and lost and the resulting hung parliament effectively made her a lame duck PM in charge of coalition of chaos that was made possible by her plucking £1.5 Billion of our taxes and bunging it to the DUP to selfishly save her job.

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