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Barack Obama with Netanyahu, Assad, ISIS, Maliki, Mohyeldin
Barack Obama and the Usual Suspects Conflicts, Newsbase

Barack Obama cartoon

US President reviews the leaders and militia of the Middle East currently involved in wars and atrocities (including Israel leader Netanyahu, Syrian President Assad, an ISIS fighter, out going Iraq leader Maliki and and Kurdish PM Mohyeldin), in a familiar homage to the the classic movie scene. The Kurdish Prime Minister is currently being aided and receiving American military aid to figh the ISIS militia who are committing atrocities across Iraq in their efforts to establish an Islamic caliphate that recpects no existing poltical boundaries. The pressure for the West to act has now been ratcheted up by the filmed execution of an American journalist by the radicals. The Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu is also under pressure to stop firing rockets into Gaza and in so doing killing many innocent Palestinians. Out-going Iraqi Prime Minister makes way for a new leader as more and more of his country is seized by ISIS and President Assad continues to wage all out war on the forces opposed to his regime. With the whole region delicately balanced between civil and outright war.

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