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Gary Political Cartoons and Business Illustrations

Political cartoons and business illustrations by Gary Barker

Welcome to UK political cartoonist and business illustrator Gary Barker's website. Here you will find political cartoons of the 'usual suspects', David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage and many more, created for London based national newspapers including The Times, The Guardian, Tribune, BBC, and a wide variety of publications and media services. There are also many examples of business illustrations, produced regularly for titles such as Estates Gazette and Financial Director magazines. Examples of his political cartoons were also included in several lists and publications judged the best political cartoons of 2013 and 2104 and he was described as an 'iconic illustrator' by Dexigner, the international illustrators’ guide for his business illustration   for Volvo.

Although his national newspaer editorial cartoon work is the most high profile, much of Gary's work is creating business illustrations and for the last 5 years he has created a weekly business illustrations for Estates gazette and also creates monthly business illustrations for Newsbase and Freelancing matters magazine.

Gary Barker has a diverse range of customers and receives commissions from both the UK and the rest of the world. If you would like to commission any comment or business illustrations please contact Gary Barker via his email in the first instance.

Clients for Political cartoons include :

The Times, The Guardian, BBC Newsnight, Daily Telegraph, Channel 4 News, The Cabinet Office, The Green Party, BBC News Magazine, Parliamentary Brief, BBC Politics Show, New Europe, Daily Star on Sunday, Courrier International, The Sun, Newsbase, The Home Office, Prospect, Stern, Freelancing Matters, Public Private Partnership, Eulenspiegel, Unterrricht Franzosich, Berlin Metro

Business Illustrations :

Estates Gazette, Volvo, Jung PR, Oxford University Press, Department of Health, Montagu Evans, Institute for Learning, Pearson Education, Inside Housing, Wisden Cricketer, Financial Director, Laithwaite's Wines, Hunter Design, Accountancy Age, Manx Heritage, CRN Magazine, Global Reinsurance, Daily Mail on Sunday, Stafford Long, Gallery Magazine

Although Gary Barker's political cartoons have now appeared in most UK national newspapers, his work appears most regularly in the London Times. The newspaper is internationally renowned as a benchmark for quality report and in depth analysis. In the summer of 2013 Gary spent a week at the London Times offices where he covers for regular cartoonists Peter Brookes and Morten Morland. For him this was a singularly pleasurable experience to work with a great comments team to create the best output for the newspaper instead of the usual lone working environment of a cartoonist. In the last three years he has covered the passing of Nelson Mandela and Neil Armstrong. The Sandy Hook school shootings, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the Syrian civil war, Putin’s incursions into Ukraine, the rise of ISIS and the historical child abuse inquiry.

Gary has also created a biweekly political cartoon for Tribune Magazine, with whom he has an excellent professional relationship and which is one of the few left of centre national titles left in the UK. He is fortunate enough to be granted great editorial freedom to create topical political cartoons. Gary also has an excellent working relationship with the artistic staff at Estates Gazette, the leading property magazine and highly respected title, for whom he was produced a weekly comment business illustration for the last five years. Although the commission for Estates Gazette are usually more prescriptive than the newspaper work but in a very positive way. In Gary’s opinion he has the greatest job in the world and he considers himself very fortunate to be able to make his living doing what he loves.

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Gary Barker creates political editorials for UK and international newspapers including the London Times, Guardian, BBC, Estates Gazette, featuring the UK Prime Minister, Ed Miliband, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, plus comment pieces on the NHS, property market, transport, financial markets and the energy industry. In the upcoming 2015 General Election Labour and Ed Miliband will be concentrating on the NHS, while the Conservatives the economy. Internationally Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin play a dangerous game over Ukraine.

Gary Barker also creates business illustrations for a number of UK, London and Edinburgh based magazines, which deal with the property, energy, financial and transport industries


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