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Theresa May Arlene Foster cartoon

Theresa May and Arlene Foster cartoon

Arlene Foster cartoon DUP deal with government

DUP leader Arlene Foster uses the carrot and stick to dictate terms to Theresa May as she pursues brexit. In handing the DUP £1.5Bn of public taxes the Conservatives have clearly committed daylight robbery in plain sight, simply to prop up their minority government. Theresa May gambled and failed when she called the 2017 General Election, which delivered a hung parliament and left her seariously weakened and now reliant on a party whose views are not only hard right but also outdated and very often close to bigoted. Now the Northern Ireland question causing so many problems, Theresa May and the Conservatives are beholden to a party that will not allow any quarter to be given that even looks like it may be a positive for Sinn Fein or the Dublin government. The irony is that all of this has only brought the break up of the union and a united Ireland closer

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