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Jean-Claude Juncker cartoon dessin karikatur caricature
Alastair Campbell cartoon caricature
Carolyn McCall caricature
Matthew Parris caricature cartoon
John Major caricature cartoon
Alan Rusbridger caricature
Martin Schulz karikatur caricature cartoon
Rupert Murdoch caricature cartoon

Jean-Claude Juncker, Alastair Campbell, Matthew Parris, Martin Schulz, caricature, karikatur

Carolyn McCall, John Major, Alan Rusbridger and Rupert Murdoch caricatures

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Caricatures of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker dessin karikatur,

Alastair Campbell spin doctor,  Carolyn McCall

Chief Executive of Easyjet, Matthew Parris Newspaper columnist, John Major former Prime Minister, Alan Rusbridger journalist and

fromer Guardian editor, Martin Schulz President of the European Parliament and Rupert Murdoch Media Properietor. Created as part of a card set of individuals closely related to the UK and European Union and the UK's continued membership of the EU and the referendum to decide whether the country remainds part of the union. The 2016 referendum of course resulted in the country deciding to leave the union and the ensuing brexit still bitterly divides the country between the increasingly intransigent brexiteers and the remainers who can see the economic and subsequent social dsaster looming. It yet reamins to be seen if the UK leaving the EU has any effect on the peace that has existed in Western Europe for over 70 years.

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