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Tax credits David Cameron cartoon

David Cameron tax credits cuts cartoon

In the run up to the 2015 General Election David Cameron stated that he didn't want to cuts to working tax credits, which many took as a pledge that the cuts wouldn't happen.

Less than 6 months on and Conservative government have pulled out all the stops to force through legislation that would cut working tax credits. In recent weeks the Conservatives have been much criticised by people who voted for them believing their tax credits would not be affected. But it has come down to the House of Lords to stall the progress of the cuts, much to the chagrin of Cameron and chancellor George Osborne. This has manifested itself in political tantrums with both the PM and the Osborne making threats to the Lords and even calling their action in defeating the bill 'unconstitutional'.

The opinion now appears to becoming more widespread that this Conservative administration cares little for the concerns of ordinary people and their families as they arrogantly consider themselves free to act as they please. Backed by a largely fawning UK media. There have been several comments to suggest that this could be Cameron's poll tax momnent. But that remains to be seen.

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