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Alien Theresa May cartoon


Power grab Theresa May cartoon

Theresa May and Henry VIII Law

Theresa May and the Conservatives EU Withdrawal Bill

The Conservatives used archaic Henry VIII laws to force through bill that in effect gives them powers of an anti-democratic dictatorship. The EU Withdrawal (brexit) Bill was passed with the help of number of Labour MPs who either voted with the Tories or abstained. Now as the UK hurtles towards brexit there seems to be no accountability at all in the Westminster government, with an all powerful Prime Minister in Theresa May whose power only goes as far as the front doors of the Palace of Westminster as the rest of the country have to live and deal with her dictats but Conservative ministers and MPs apparently can do as they please, because the PMs position is so politically weakened by the result of the 2017 General Election delivering a hung parliament and reliant on the DUP to avoid another general election and so keep its hand on power.

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