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David Cameron Reverend Flowers CO-OP editorial
The Thin White Line with the Reverend Flowers and David Cameron - Tribune

David Cameron cartoon

The former Co-operative bank boss, Reverend Flowers faces drugs charges

In 2009 Flowers was appointed non-executive Chairman of the Co-op Bank and non-executive Chairman of Financial Services in 2010. Following the bank losing £700 million in the first half of 2013 and the discovery of a £1.3 billion gap in the bank's finances, he resigned from the bank in June of that year. In November he testified to the Treasury Select Committee that the deals including the Britannia merger and others were only undertaken under pressure from senior memners of the government. Shortly after his appearance before the committee he was filmed in his car agreeing to buy illegal drugs, which he later sent a friend along to pay for. Shortly after the story appeared in the press Flowers was arrested and later convicted of possessing cocaine, methamphetamine and ketamine, for which he received a fine. The once great organisation which survived the 2008 crash inexplicably became the architect of it's own decent into chaos after abandoning its long held reputation for ethical business and in doing so suffered the same fate as the rest.

Gary Barker creates editorials for UK and international newspapers including the London Times, Guardian, BBC, Estates Gazette, featuring the UK Prime Minister, Ed Miliband, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, plus comment pieces on the NHS, property market, transport, financial markets and the energy industry. In the upcoming 2015 General Election Labour and Ed Miliband will be concentrating on the NHS, while the Conservatives the economy. Internationally Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin play a dangerous game over Ukraine.

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CO-OP Reverend Flowers cocaine