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Tsipras Merkel EU cartoon

alexis Tsipras oxi political cartoon

The Greek PM filcks the Vs to German Chancellor and the EU. Created for Tribune by Gary Barker

Greece has suffered greatly since the 2008 crash. The country has very high unemployment and poverty is becoming a grave concern. The subject of yet another bailout the people voted on Sunday with the subject being another EU bailout plan which would lead inevitably to even greater austerity and hardship. But this time the people said enough is enough and voted oxi to the plan, which was also seen as a signal to Brussels, Merkel and the rest of the EU and Eurozone that enough ws enough and they weren't willing to take anymore.

Many have questioned the worth of the single currency and the EU as a whole when it can act so coldly in the face of another member country's great hardship. The banking sector is not again immune from criticism as their hand is seen by many in the decline of Greece's fortunes. The Troika (the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank), as it is known, will face increasing pressures over coming weeks to both sort this problem and also to treat the Greek people fairly.

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