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Leaver Lemmings Brexit cartoon

Theresa May and Boris Johnson the EU Pied Pipers

The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary still hold fast to the brexit line despite the increasingly grim nature of the future that holds for the UK. While in the EU leading players shake their heads in disbelief as the talks between the EU and UK on the latter leaving the union flounder almost immediately because the British neotiating team are so obviously unprepared for the task of negotiating terms while living in the cloud cuckoo land of insisting we can leave a club but still demand all the rights and privileges as if we were still fully paid up members. One thing appears almost certain now - the UK is heading into a very dark economic phase that could well last decades as growth has already slumped to the slowest in the developed world and inlfation is creeping up which may lead to a need for a disastrous interest rate rise and the inevitable collapse of the UK housing market which is now so intrinsically entwined with the whole economy that boht will then end up in the toilet basin with only exit. But when an economy is so reliant on furnishing debt created by supporting an unstustainable housing market then there is only one way such an economy can eventually go.

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