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Sandy Hook editorial
Nelson Mandela selfless editorial

Sandy Hook - The London Times

Selfless Mandela - The London Times

David Cameron wrecking ball
ed miliband cautious editorial

David Cameron's NHS Wrecking Ball - Tribune

Ed Miliband Health Ed Safety - Tribune

Danny Alexander editorial
Technology UK

Danny Alexander Mansion Tax illustration - Estates Gazette

Welcome to Tech UK - Estates Gazette

obama editorial
Nigel Farage editorial

Barack Obama caricature

Nigel Farage caricature - The Economic Voice

euro bank note
Robert Mugabe editorial

Euro Crisis - Estates Gazette

Mugabe Election Prediction - The London Times

Economic witches editorial
Jeremy Hunt editorial

Estates Gazette piece showing the new CBI chairman John Cridland, Mervyn King and George Osborne as the Macbeth Witches trying to forecast the shape of the economic recovery

Jeremy Hunt NHS reforms, for Tribune


Gary's work appears in a number of national and international newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Stern. He  worked on the now defunct BBC's Politics Show's for two years and his work now appears weekly in Tribune and Estates Gazette.

On this site you will find editorials featuring all the usual suspects from David Cameron and Nick Clegg to Ed Miliband and Barack Obama. There are also the slightly less high profile characters there too, including George Osborne, Andrew Lansley and Eric Pickles. Internationally people such as Mitt Romney, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy and the new French President elect Francois Hollande.

There are also several dedicated pages to dealing with such issues as the banking and finance sector, the property market and also education and training.

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tracey emin caricature
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