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Nigel Farage caricature cartoon

<h1 style="font-weight: normal">Nigel Farage cartoon caricature</h1>

Nigel Farage cartoon.

The UKIP leader for The Economic Voice and Courrier International.

UKIP have had a sudden surge in poll popularity following their charismatic leader successfully turning a topic very few voters were previously electorally intersted in, into a major topic of interest i.e. the UK's membership of the EU. The party of course has a eurosceptic stance and is dedicated to taking the country out of the European Union completely. Off the back of this success they are now developing policies that many of their critics claim are merely populist gimmicks. Their policies on getting tough on immigration has played well with certain sections of the electorate but it also highlighted another problem the party has i.e. that beyond the veneer of their leader's charm lies a party deeply divided and gaff prone, especially with alleged racist attitudes and comments, leading to many resignations. However they are taking votes from both major parties and anyone who thought they were only a problem for the Conservatives is extremely naive and short-sighted. There is much talk of possibly coaltion between UKIP and the Conservatives after the next election. But this seculation again is again politically naive as they still do not hold one seat in the House of Commons and bookmakers still have them odds on to take no seats at all in next year's General Election.

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Nigel Farage caricature

UKIP leader