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Rouhani Barack Obama David Cameron
Barack Obama David Cameron dancing to Iran's tune

With the ISIS militants now threatening to destabilise the Middle East even more. The US and UK leaders, Barack Obama and David Cameron began rebuilding diplomatic links with Iran in the hope they would help Iraq fight off the threat from the forces determined to creat an Islamic caliphate branching out from Iraq and ignoring existing borders.

The editorial shows ISIS militants closing in as President Hassan Rouhani calls the shots by getting the two leaders to dance to his tune while he sitting on an Iraqi oil drum.

The roots of many of the troubles in the region go back at least until the end of World War II and the founding of state of Israel, but the rise of ISIS has been linked by most with the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Since this image was created the US have taken military action against ISIS forces, with the backing of the UK government. As yet this has only been in the form of air strikes, but with the Iraqi Kurds seemingly winning the argument for receiving US military and countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia backing ISIS the situation only looks to escalate.

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