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Wall EU referendum cartoon

The morning after LEAVE EU wins cartoon

Extremism that has gripped the nations since politicians like Nigel Farage and the media ramped up their hate speech against immigrants to push the country into vote to Leave the EU. Resulting in the death of one vote Remain supporting MP at the hand of one extremist and in another incident an elderly man is punched in the face for simply handing out Remain leaflets. Then there are the people like Tory councillor Dominic Peacock who commented he would give the steam off his piss to the Jo Cox memorial fund.

The extremism of the far right telling us to take back control of our country by voting to the Leave the EU - when all that will do is hand power to the extremists who will destroy human and workers rights. No longer should the UK ask how high? When the far right say jump - they are the extremists I want my country back and a return to decency and respect.

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