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Theresa May political cartoon

Embattled Theresa May cartoon

Theresa May under the cosh for her disastrous hostile enivironment

Following the resignation of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, the Windrush scandal attention turns to the organ grinder who created the hostile environment anf the 2014 Immigration Bill that set up the Windrush Generation for the persecution they have experienced - Theresa May. The PM deliberately removed the clause in the new bill that protected the Windrush Britons after their landing cards were destroyed by the Home Office under her leadership in 2010. Now Theresa May has called a three line whip of Tory MPs to vote against the Labour demands for the release of all papers pertaining to Windrush since 2010. What other reason can the PM possibly have for doing this other than she has something huge and explosive to hide?

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