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Syria bombing intervention Donald Trump cartoon

Donald Trump cartoon dessin karikatur

President orders US forces to attack airbases in Syria

President Donald Trump reacts to Syrian gas attack on civilians by ordering air strikes on the airbases from which the attacks were allegedly launched. This escalated tensions with Russia who claim the gas was released accidentally by rebels fighting the Assad regime. Has Trump's strike sent out a message or has it played into Putin's hands? With the ongoing war against ISIS now apparently nearing its conclusion and the Syrian regime possibly becoming even more powerful than they were before President Putin will have a very strong ally in the Middle East who is possibly going to look upon the US and the west even less favourably than before. One thing is certain the unrest in the region is not going to be resolved any time soon and that sadly means we will face the very real possibility of more attacks on innocents both here and in other countries and an ever growing stream of refuggess seeking to leave for Europe via north Africa. With resources already at breaking point and the people-traffickers only becoming richer and rich is this a problem that can be solved without governments collectively providing more resources to the problem both diplomatically and physically? This however seems unlikely as the UK heads towards brexit, which was the result of the right wing media finding fault with immigrants and the EU they are very unlikely to accept, without even more reactionary inflammatory rhetoric, that the UK should somehow be expected to or to volunatrilty take any responsibility for the problems faced by providing any form of support for such ventures.

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