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Alex Salmond David Cameron cartoon

Alex Salmond, David Cameron cartoon

For the first since the Act of Union the Scots have the chance to vote to go it alone as a truly independent nation.

Whichever way the vote goes it is clear that the Westminster Parliament has been shown to complacent and arrogant in assuming the vote would comfortably got their way. Feelings are running high on both sides of the debate, with both sides accusing the other of underhand tactics and the no camp in particular very angry at what it perceives as bias from the BBC and especially Nick Robinson.

With the no camp concentrating on the negatives it is thought the use of scare tactics and threats (especially with respect to the Pound and banks) has galvanised the yes side over the last month especially.

Whatever the outcome Westminster should not dismiss this close call as something it can just ignore and move on from without pause for thought at least. If Scotland were to leave the Union it would have profound effects on the remaining parts of the UK and the Establishment's grip on power. They should now take heed, this has shown them they cannot just govern to keep the SE of England and London happy and hold onto power while their policies cause great hardship and suffering across much of the rest of the country.

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