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Aliens David Cameron cartoon

David Cameron political cartoon

With Ed Miliband , Nick Clegg , Nigel Farage and Iain Duncan Smith alien politicians to the British electorate. Created for the Daily Star on Sunday by Gary Barker

Created for the Daily Star on Sunday, the UK Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as the Mekon, Ed Miliband as ET, Nick Clegg as an Ewok, Nigel Farage as Admiral Ackbar and Iain Duncan Smith as a Cyberman - aliens to the ordinary voter in a Usual Suspects style line up, for the editors column.

The Prime minister's public perception problem stems from his privileged background while handing tax cuts to the better off. Ed Miliband struggles as an aloof academic, Nick Clegg with his trustworthyness following the tuition fees debacle and Nigel Farage is policy thin and seen by many as more of secong hand car salesman than a serious politician.

With voter apathy at an all time high and all the major parties pursuing similar policies many choose not to vote as they don't feel that any party represents their interests. But Ed Miliband and the Labour of the lead the polls, while support for the hard right Nigel Farage and UKIP continues to be a concern for all other parties and much of the electorate.

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