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Andrew Lansley NHS cartoon

Health Secretary selling NHS privatisation 'reforms' like a Wild West snake oil salesman to the masses, while Prime Minister, PM mixes more of the hokum in the background and Labour Leader, Ed Miliband swallows it all eagerly down. For The Guardian.

The National Health Service came into being in 1948 and was introduced by Clement Attlee's Labour Government free at the point of delivery when previously many people could not afford treatment. In recent years however this services has come under pressures from politicians to allow the involvement of private enterprise and the current Conservative led coalition government has introduced the necessity for the state provision to go againt private businesses for service delivery. Now there is a further threat from the TTIP agreement which will open up all UK state service provision to competition from American corporations. It seems unfortunate that the UK system, which was recently judged the best value for money in the world should be opened up to becoming more akin that American system which was judged the worst value for money.

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Healthcare privatisation snake oil medicine show