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BBC Laura Kuennsberg cartoon

BBC biased Laura Kuenssberg cartoon

The BBC has now had a long succession of political presenters who have shown an overt anti-Labour bias.

There will be the those who will look at the cartoon and read the following and simply label me a lefty Corbynite. Then there will be the those who have fallen for the Establishment nonsense that criticism of Laura Kuensberg is simply sexist angst. The truth is I don't even vote Labour and all I am seeking to point out is that someone has done a very job very badly because a major part of their role is to remain politically impartial. of maintaining their   Ever since the Establishment lost their first choice man in Blair the national broadcaster has gone into overdrive to act as the media moutpiece of the right and in particular the Conservative party. But it wasn't until 2010 and the election of the coalition government that the media machine went into full on smear the opposition mode. This came to full fruition on 2016 council elections night in the form of Laura Kuenssberg and almost night long personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn which was little more than a rant that could have been scripted at Conservative party headquarters.

The sad truth is the BBC have been doing this for so long now I don't even think the BBC they can see it's wrong anymore.

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