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 rich people David Cameron cartoon

David Cameron rich people cartoon

Never mind the bankers we're the rich people editorial, referencing the couldn't care less attitude of the punk classic Sex Pistols album title and image for Tribune Magazine.

The coalition government prime minister faces accusations of the well off becoming even better off and the poor, poorer under his stewardship. It is hard to argue with the logic as the only section of the electorate to have received a tax break since the 2010 election are those who earn over £40 thousand a year and the wages of the average person and so therefore the living standards of the average earners have fallen year on year for four years. This coupled with earnings of CEOs way above double figures and bankers bonuses to boot, and MPs awarding themselves an 11% pay rise. While the reality for the average person is cuts to services, ever spiralling property costs and unaffordable rents, and the slowest economic recovery on record. Leaving the government's austerity agenda beginning to look more to do with ideological dogma than economic pragmatism and the coalition faces an uphill struggle to convince the electorate that we really are all in it together, rather them all being in it together against us rather than with us.

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