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NHS David Cameron cartoon
David Cameron NHS Wrecking Ball

NHS cartoon

David Cameron, with his butler servant Libdem leader Nick Clegg pushing him and Ed Miliband sneaking off in the background afraid to get involved in trying to save the National Health Service for Tribune.

The coalition pursue an agenda of cost cutting under the heading of austerty. The Prime Minister also faces many accusations that his government is privatising the country's health service by stealth

Claims of vested interest among Conservative politicians that would financially benefit from a privatised health service and with private contracts for millions and what coule eventually result in billions in income for private sector firms handed lucrative contracts to deliver care services. But exmaples of large scale propfiteering are beginning to emerge with some corporations holding the tax payer to ransome by claiming they cannot complete their alotted contracts without reassessing and significantly raising their bills to the exchecquer.

Since this editorial was created Ed Miliband has said Labour will undo all the coalition's NHS changes since 2010

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