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David Cameron lovely tax

David Cameron has come under great pressure to disclose all his links to offshore tax havens ever since the Panama Papers were released.

It has been claimed his late father took advantage of investments in tax haven schemes to avoid paying UK tax. Cameron initially appeared to deny any involvement with offshore accounts, with No.10 being very dismissive of any claims of links. Then less than a day later the PM admitted he had been left shares in his father's will that he sold for £300,000 in 2010 before becoming Prime Minister. He was also gifted a further £200,000 by his mother around this time and he insisted all taxes due had been paid.

Cameron's explanation appeared to cut little mustard with the public who apparently seem to have losy patience and trust in a PM who has continually used double-speak to twist the truth and avoid transparency. Many are calling for his to resign, but personally I don't see his disingenuous comments on this issue nor his blatant hypocrisy with reference to how he described Jimmy Carr after it was revealed he had taken advantage of offshore scehemes as resigning issues, but I do think they are just more straws on the camel's back. A word of caution though to those calling for his head - if they think David Cameron going will change or solve anything they are naive in the extreme.

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