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NHS privatisation Jeremy Hunt David Cameron
David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt NHS - Tribune

David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt introduce US style healthcare cartoon

Privatisation by of the NHS by stealth

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a free trade agreement between the EU and USA. Those agreement claim it would result in economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic, whereas critics say it will only increase the power of the corporation who are already more powerful than many countries and so make it even more difficult for governments to regulate markets in order to protect the public. The French government have insisted that their film industry must be allowed to remain outside the rigours of TTIP and many people in the UK are asking why the prime minister isn't insisting on the same protection for the National Health Service if inded it is as he claims safe in his hands. With waiting times rising, hospitals closing and a funding crises across the system many are now beginning to see it is not safe at all and we could well lose it forever sooner rather than later. In the US healthcare bills are the single most common cause of bankruptcies and in the majority of these insolvency cases the people had insurance. In the US, if someone has no insurance it is quite common for them to be wheeled out of hospital and left on skid row to die. George Bush Snr when President was asked if he thought a person dying on the steps of a hosptial, but who had no insurance, should be treated. He replied 'General Motors make cars, but they don't give them away. The people of the UK would be well-minded to realise and think about this fact.

Ed Miliband has already stated his party if it forms the next government will reverse all NHS reform since 2010

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NHS health service privatisation