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HS2 illustration cartoon

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HS2 Trains Project

Rail transport, technology workers take over the high speed project, riding the train as in images commonly seen on the Indian railways

High Speed 2 is a planned railway link connecting the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds to each other as well as London. Phase 1 linking London to Birmingham and Phase 2 linking Birmingham with Manchester and then Leeds. Completion is set for 2032-33. At the beginning of 2012 the Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening, announced the project would go ahead. The project will proceed with the backing of the major parties, but some individual MPs in all the parties are opposed, as are the Green Party and UKIP.

The much criticised project which the government (backed by all the major parties) is ploughing ahead with. Despite spiralling costs that were already astonomical and accusations that the system will not actually benefit the regions it is supposedly intended to help. In all other such ventures all that has happened is that the respecitve country's capital has received even more benefit to the detriment of the regions examples sited are Spain and Madrid, and France and Paris.

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