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Jeremy Corbyn cartoon race

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn leads the race to become the new leader political cartoon.

Criticism has been levelled at Jeremy Corbyn for being backed by the new '£3' members and that it is this that has seen him steal a march over his rivals in the leadership race.

Whether the new members overwhelmingly backed Corbyn or not was largely proven irrelevant when the votes were counted and he was shown to have been handed a huge mandate by all sections of the Labour Party except for the parliamentary LP.

The margin of the win showing just how popular Jeremy Corbyn is with the Labour membership perhaps caused many who were previously critical of him to think again and to examine who were the ones who were out of touch with the electorate. The plots and the media onslaught against Corbyn will no doubt continue, but it now appears much more like sour grapes and propaganda rather than informed and reasoned criticism.

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