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London illustration, property cash pipeline

Capital funding from the London City pipeline comment business illustration.

The editorial pieces shows an investor turning the huge valve and syphoning off huge amounts of cash that could be used to find new development projects across the city.

Bringing much needed relief to those unable to find anywhere to live or establish their commericial base.

With prices continuing to escalate, creating problems for almost everyone. From the workers trying to meet sky high rents to the property developers whose overheads prohibit much needed property developments. It has been stated that returns on property ownership in London have been the most lucrative in the world over the past year or so and earnings from property have outstripped earnings from employment over that period. Little wonder then demand and therefore cost has contnued to spiral. With one government minister resigning from his post recently blaming the cost of renting a property in the city, he claimed the £28 thousand  annual housing benefit he could claim was just not enough to find him anywhere appropriate. Most people would rightly smile at the lack of grounding in that politicians attitude but with rents for a single bedroomed flat averaging £400 a week it is easy to see how many ordinary workers will struggle to meet such high prices.

Away from the capital and the Southeast prices slow and in the North of England and in Scotland growth is very slow and stagnating.

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London City property capital pipeline