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Spiv Nick Clegg cartoon

Nick Clegg cartoon

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg takes his chance to try to lever votes from the electorate while the Prime Minister is out of the country

The Libdem leader who has struggled to regain the trust of the electorate since going back on his Party's commitment on tuition fees, is also struggling in the public perception to show his relevance and while David Cameron was away he took his chance to political showboat new policy announcements. The problem being that this was viewed in the much of the media as disloyal a opportunistic and so self-defeating and he was back to square one again. As the 2015 election draws near it is not only the leader who has relevancy problems but the trust in the whole party has suffered a major knock with the Rennard debacle and the fact he has been allowed back into the party and so alienating much of female membership, many of whom have openly stated their intentions to quit the party if he was allowed to return. The other problem they have to deal with is distancing themselves from many of the unpopular Conservative policies they have rubber stamped as part of the coalition and when to come out and actually state their opposition to them while still part of the government.

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