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Omnishambles illustration
Omnishambles illustration, Estates Gazette

Ministers face the ominshambles of failed policy. Local Government Minister Eric Pickles, the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer are confronted by the spector of their bungled policies and strategies on localism, u-turns and the economy, respectively with the London backdrop. The Chancellor has made much a recent turn around in the fortunes of the economy, but this has yet to have much if any affect on the feel good factor for the average person, whose wages still lag behind inflation. And with yet another predicted downturn in 2015 there seems less and to celebrate and more and more to be sceptical about when it comes to his show-boating on the economy. It has just been announced that unemployment has fallen below 2 million for the first time since 2008 and yet the government has conceded that it's own tax incomes have falled below their own predictions. Which leaves the question just how real and meaningful are the new jobs being 'created' by the Chancellor through his austerity economic policies?

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