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David Cameron illustration property parachutes

The Prime Minister David Cameron and other ministers, including the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, parachute into the regions delivering Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) schemes.

Local enterprise partnerships are created between local authority councils and commerce. Working together to prioritise road, building and facility investment in a given area. LEPs were given the chance to apply for enterprise zone areas, allowing tax incentives and simplified local planning regulation.

Existing LEPs include: The Black Country, Lancashire, Humber, Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly, Liverpool City Region and Pan London.

The biggest controversy that appears to be associated with the scheme is that make-up of the directorships and board members, and how they the members are selected and who chooses them. Where the provision of an areas essential services were once decided by elected councils and individual councillors it is essential that great care is given to the choice of LEP board members who are not elected and simply come from the private sector in ensuring no conflict of interest exists or may develop.

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