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Schwarzenegger Terminator cartoon


Arnold Schwarzenegger cartoon

Terminator cartoon

This piece was created to illustrate an editorial that envisaged a nightmarish future controlled by robots, with humans as their slaves. It was seemingly inspired by many of the recent great leaps in technology that are disturbing to many people, especially the lifelike manaquins that mimic human behaviour and speeech, and also various machines that can now climb and run over any terrain. The image references the final scene of the original Planet of the Apes film, where Charlton Heston discovers the strange ape controlled world he now lived in was in fact a future Earth on discovering the iconic ruins of the Statue of Liberty largely buried on the beach of the future world. With the the Terminator's face tranposed on the statue the suggestion is that if we continue down the technological route as we are then we will be the architects of our own destruction.

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