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Vector illustrations

All illustrators must have an identifiable style, which they must broadly keep to, but every now and then I get the opportunity to create something slightly different. I think perhaps it is that vectors are the exact opposite, in my opinion, to the traditional style that that draws me to them and I always enjoy creating them.

Isle of Man illustration
Picasso illustration building
art deco hotel illustration
crane illustration
clock illustration
Michael Caine caricature illustration
radio station illustration logo

<h2>Isle of Man illustration</h2>

<p>Douglas Head</p>
<h2>Picasso illustration</h2>
<h2>Art Deco illustration hotel</h2>
<h2>Crane illustration</h2>

<p>UK trade suspended post Brexit. Not strictly a vector illustration, but close, created for Estates Gazette</p>
Left top: Michael Caine as Harry Palmer

Left bottom: Local news site logo commission

Right: Art deco clock
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