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Middle East Barack Obama David Cameron cartoon

Dick Cheney, George W Bush, Tony Blair, John Kerry, Barack Obama and David Cameron cartoon

show the progression from where we were when this all started to where we are now over a decade later and still the powers that be think that repeating past mistakes they will somehow result in a different outcome - a definition of madness, according Einstein.

As ISIS continues it's bloody advances into Iraq and Syria, Western powers (and particularly the USA and UK) once again come together to launch aerial attacks on the region. Ever since the 2003 Iraq invasion the USA and UK have bombed both those they describe as enemy insurgents and innocents have become victims too. This has led to the inevitable radicalisation of formerly peaceful people and this has now manifested into ISIS, which was only twelve months ago being bankrolled by the USA and are still thought to be funded by Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Arabic nations.

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