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NHS, Jeremy Hunt, cartoon

Jeremy Hunt NHS cartoon

The NHS in turmoil. The Coalition Government is accused of privatising the National Health Service by stealth, with more and more services being franchised out to private provision.

The fears of course are that the for profit motive will inevitably lead to the loss of the 'free at the point of delivery' health service and more and more private health insurance and a move to a more and more personally expensive US style system. With that will also come people who cannot afford care and in the words of Conservative supporting Dr David Bull (who worked for a year in the US as a doctor) 'those who can't afford treatment are literally wheeled out of hospital and left to die on skid row, I have seen it with my own eyes.' Now local hospital face closures and GPs are being lost, but this had little effect at the polls for the Conservatives in 2015

Ed Miliband has stated that if Labour win the 2015 election he will reverse all coalition NHS reforms

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NHS privatisation