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Roy Hodgson caricature cartoon

Roy Hodgson caricature cartoon

England Football Manager preparing tactics for the 2014 Brazil World Cup

The highly respected and experienced England is much traveled and could be the right man to turn the international teams fortunes around.

He may not be the flash darling of the media, but with him England are assured a truly intelligent and knowledgeable tactician. Something they have needed for a very long time.

To many the national team have gone from bad to worse since the inception of the Premier League and the increasing propensity for top English clubs to spend big on foreign imports, rather than nurture and bring on the home talent. The immediacy and pressure to perform from rich owners who bring large amounts of money also comes with winning demands, which is not conducive to developing a team, but more the inclination to buy a team and success. All of this means the English players are not given as much chance to rise throught the ranks to first team football anymore and this is reflected in the dire recent history of England international football

He has the wisdom of age and international managerial experience, both at club and national level, managing Switzerland to their highest ever Fifa ranking of third in the World and going from that job to Inter Milan. Many would have liked him to have been given the England managers job to take them to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa which turned out to be an absolutely dire display and nadir for the national team.

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