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Oxi EU

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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The Greek people have spoken and 60% of them agreed with their Prime Minister Alexis Ttsipras in saying oxi to the latest EU bail out plan for the suffering economy. Many seem content to keep pointing the finger at Greece, but that's the British condition, which became a disease and now threatens to make us gravely ill. We have been conned into blaming others while never considering we may be part o the problem. For once though the UK probably pretty much innocent in the dire straits Greece now finds itself in. More to blame is the EU itself and in particulat those who sought to expand the Euro to countries whose economies were not suited to the single currency and who have suffered gravely from this mistake since the 2008 crash. But where the UK must still shoulder some of the blame is in our almost psychotic reticence to hold the banks accountable to what is surely the mess they have caused. But who are the ones who have suffered the least since 2008? The bankers. Without their selfish and frankly criminal gambling with the world's economy no countries would be having to introduce 'austerity' measures, because we would still have all the money we bailed them out with to spend on services that are now being cuts. The truth is the banks still have all our money and this government is hoping we will forget this ind our persistent instistance to point the finger 180 degrees in the wrong direction i.e. at society's most vulnerable instead of it's wealthiest and guiltiest.

Tricky SEO problems

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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economy crashes cartoon

Quite a dweebie day for musings on the wonders and miseries of solving the greatest puzzle for the modern age - increasing site rankings in Google!

The particular puzzle I've been pondering today is why does W3C validation see adding direct links to social media pages as a licensing error? At first I thought this must be a mistake, but I have asked around and others who have posted direct links to their twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages on their sites have suffered the same fate - the dreaded INVALIDATION! The crux of the matter is that W3C appear to be impossible to contact directly with this question.

The duality of this problem is that many site SEO assessment tools social media share buttons does not register as links to individual social networks and so the site is penalised if it doesn't carry the direct links, which invalidate it on W3C. So the dilemma is which do you keep happy? If anyone should read this and has any suggestions I would be most grateful for any constructive input.

Cartoon originally published in Prospect Magazine

TTIP Trembles

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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No tele-marketing wake-up call this morning and in fact nothing all day. So that's a big fat thumbs up for the first of the new month, brought sharply down to Earth with the Huff Post article reminding us of the looming corporate Armageddon that is TPP / TTIP and the real aim being the circumveting of due process to make democracy redundant and is all slaves to the free market and global corporate totalitarianism

That taken with the usual mental shrug it was time to take a hike up the hill to see my doctor re my body which beligerently defies all my efforts to stave off the onset of oldersterism.

The Greek Tragedy

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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Being woken by a call from an nuisance call trying to sell me SEO and then the same company calling me again ten minutes later might normally have caused me to try to eat my arm. But on this occasion I accepted it quite lightly having spent the previous day signing up to various0 online business directories. Something any real business person would have done years ago. But I'm a cartoonist and business to all of us is just something that gets in the way.

Finished and submitted the day's illustration - George Osborne telling us all to shush, before 3 o'Clock.<[/p>

Time for a little light tweeting around the impending Greek debt default and their 'Grexit' from the Euro.

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