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When is anti-semitism not anti-semitism?

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I have now asked the BBC and other media services several times to provide me a link, any link to a proven case of anti-semitism within the Labour Party. I did so because the as the media and the right wing of the Labour Party have constantly made such claims in their attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

So what are the possibilities?

1. Labour does have a problem with anti-semitism, which needs to be addressed by the leadership without any hesitation.

2. These claims are entirely fabricated by the media and oponents of Corbyn with th Labour Party in an attempt to oust him from his position as leader. But this option then throws up the question why? Fellow Labour MPs doing this could be acting purely out of selfish ambition. However this becomes more worrying when we consider why the media would fabricate such a story and the only possible answer is the corruption of democracy.

So what is the reality? Who knows. All I know is I am still waiting for anyone to get back to me with any real evidence to back up these accusations.

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