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When is anti-semitism not anti-semitism?

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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I have now asked the BBC and other media services several times to provide me a link, any link to a proven case of anti-semitism within the Labour Party. I did so because the as the media and the right wing of the Labour Party have constantly made such claims in their attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

So what are the possibilities?

1. Labour does have a problem with anti-semitism, which needs to be addressed by the leadership without any hesitation.

2. These claims are entirely fabricated by the media and oponents of Corbyn with th Labour Party in an attempt to oust him from his position as leader. But this option then throws up the question why? Fellow Labour MPs doing this could be acting purely out of selfish ambition. However this becomes more worrying when we consider why the media would fabricate such a story and the only possible answer is the corruption of democracy.

So what is the reality? Who knows. All I know is I am still waiting for anyone to get back to me with any real evidence to back up these accusations.

The consequences of New Labour are one-sided politics, mass disenfranchisement, Brexit and political chaos

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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The sad death of John Smith in 1994 turned out to be a tragedy for the whole nation as it brought to an end the long history of political and democratic choice in the UK.

Whoever was Labour leader come the 1997 general election was going to be prime minister. But what Smith's death did was allow in the 'reformers' who wanted to shift the party sharply to the right, to fight the Tories in their own backyard. Their thinking, it is said, was to make the Tories unelectable by pushing them so far to the right that they would never again win a majority. But what the likes of Blair and Mandelson failed to recognise, as they deliberately disenfranchised millions of tradional Labour voters, was that the UK electorate is fickle and eventually they will vote for a change, no matter what the alternative is.

uk, general, election, tunout

Despite winning a second victory in 2001, New Labour launched an inquiry into where millions of their votes has vanished to, as if they didn't already know the answer. An that answer was - the people who had waited 18 years for Labour to win only to get a slightly less right wing version of the Tory government they had just ousted were mightily cheesed-off. And so they chose not to vote for anyone, as they no longer had a party that represented their interests. In other words they had become disenfranchised. And what greater evidence can there be for this than this chart, which shows with only one exception, the only times in the past hundred years, the turnout at a general election has fallen below 70% has been every election since the inception of the New Labour government in 1997. Blair's gamble was that the disenfranchised would never vote Tory and he was right - they haven't, but having seen their jobs disappear and quality of life suffer under successive right leaning (and full on right wing) governments, some in the first instance turned to the BNP and in 2015 turned in much greater numbers to UKIP,

So here we are today nearly twenty years on. We have a Tory government who set the whole debt bubble off in 1986, who have now doubled the national debt and taken us out of the EU without a paddle apparently leading Labour by double figures in the polls. And we have a parliamentary Labour Party stacked to the brim with Blairites, the media has labelled 'moderates' and 'rebels' at the same time. Not that the media nor the 'modrebs' ever display such inconsistency in their attacks on Corbyn, in which their unity has only been matched by their ferocity. Anyone who has remembers 'A Very British Coup' can't fail to draw comparisons.

So well done Tony, you wrecked the Labour Party, made them unelectable and destroyed all opposition to the right wing political monopoly, or perhaps that's the been the plan all along.

The Upside to a Brexit

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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As someone who recognises there are many things wrong with the EU, on balance I think the positives outweigh the negatives. However, there is an upside to the Brexit camp winning the day next month.

In my opinion 'Remain' will scrape home next month. But rather than be an end to it, it is merely the start of the next chapter and plan the powers that be have for this country. If we remain in the EU by a narrow margin (and all forecasts appear to suggest a close run thing) this will hand the Tories the mandate they want to get rid of Cameron and install Johnson as leader to go forward on a leave ticket and into the next election promising a second referendum 'because the last one was too close to not give people a second chance, now that Cameron's claims of managing to get certain reforms have come to nothing'. This will result in the Tories winning the 2020 election by a landslide, having nicked 3 million UKIP votes. The end.


Ever since Oliver Letwin let slip a few months ago that he was advising the party that they should 'stay in the EU for the next 5 years' I think this scenario has been nailed on (presuming we vote to remain in the EU next month) and will be absolutely disastrous for everyone in the UK who isn't wealthy and the only hope of averting this, strangely, is if 'Brexit' wins next month.

Jeremy Corbyn - He's not the Messiah, he's not even a very naughty boy, he's just a bit of a lefty

Gary Barker Cartoons, Illustrations
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Here is the news for the media and the Blairites – Jeremy Corbyn is the new Labour leader, elected with huge support from all sections of his party, except for the parliamentary Labour party. Which raises the immediate question: just who are the out of touch dinosaurs?

The torrent of media frothing and furious briefing against the new leader is actually just a continuation of what the right of the Labour party and the media did to ensure Ed Miliband would never become PM from day one of his tenure as leader. And what did they achieve? The election of the most left wing leader of the party for over 30 years, with a huge mandate for change. So if the Blairites want to blame anyone for ‘Corbynmania’ they need look no further than the nearest mirror.
Personally there are a number of Corbyn’s ideas I don’t support, but I know two things – he’s not a as far left as he is being painted and, more importantly, the people will now be given the opportunity to hear an alternative view to the right-wing-only rhetoric they have had piped directly into their brains for the past twenty years from both the major parties via the media. But here’s the thing the Blairites cannot grasp – winning isn’t everything and you can affect change from the Opposition benches as well as the Government ones. All that Labour positioning themselves just to the left of the Tories has done is deliver the most extreme government elected in Western Europe since World War II.

So how did we get here? We hear a lot of how Blair won three elections, but the Labour Party lost 3 million votes between the 1997 and 2001 elections, and then suffered a further 6% drop at the 2005 election and the Blairites have been at pains to understand the reasons why, which are of course are all too obvious to everyone else – people never wanted Tory-lite. Yes Blair won three elections, but that was off the back of grudging support, mistrust of the Tories and support for the incumbent. So when the economy finally hit the skids people couldn’t wait to either switch their vote to another party or to not vote at all.

Corbyn’s election has now created a buzz in politics not seen since Cleggmania, only this time the furore has split the nation between doomsayers and messiahbots. The former seem oblivious to the fact that all they are doing is making themselves sound like spoilt brats sulking at not getting their own way and the latter are in danger of resembling the followers of the Reverend Jimmy Jones.

My take is we should welcome this result for what it really is: an opportunity for us to not only see clear red-blue water between the parties, but also a refreshingly open and unselfconscious politics that cares less for what the media thinks than the electorate.

The inconvenient truth is that all it took for the media to win the last election for the Tories was a bacon sandwich and they wouldn’t have given whoever won the leadership election a fair hearing. Corbyn knows this and also knows better than anyone the media onslaught that lies head for him, with not only columnists and headline writers ferociously spinning their negative bile, but they will be ably assisted by the sulky Jeremiahs in his own party. His family have already suffered their vile attacks and this has quite rightly led to Corbyn, for now, unwilling to offer his head up for a hammering from the stuck record Labour bashers at the BBC and SKY.

My advice to the doomsayers: grow up, democracy isn’t just for when you get your own way and to the messiahbots: don’t drink the orange juice.#

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