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Ken Livingstone Boris Johnson caricature cartoon

Boris Johnson and Ken Linvingstone political caricature

The Conservative and Labour mayoral candidates and protagonists depicted as Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber shooting themselves in the foot, after both making elemntary mistakes in their campaign run ins.

One the former leader of the GLC before it was eventually abolished by Maragaret Thacther in 1986 and the other a product of privilige, both men seen as mavericks in their respective parties now going head to head for the job running one of the World's great cities and all problems that brings with it.

While the Labour man has publicly declared his personal ambitions have come to a close, the Conservative man has recently stated his intention to run for Parliament in the 2015 election and he has been vaunted as the next leader of his party and future Prime Minister of the UK. Whether his ambitions come to fruition remains to be seen.

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