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saint David Cameron cartoon

David Cameron hypocrite cartoon

Referring to the 'sainted' Prime Minister's claims he is doing God's work and that Jesus would approve of his policies, created for Tribune.

The coalition government leader since the 2010 general election whose government have pursued a cost cutting ideological agenda, labeled austerity ever since. This has led to inevitable cuts to services and support for the less fortunate members of British society.

For many the claims that Jesus would be a supporter of his policies that have resulted in very real hardship for millions and a real terms drop incomes for millions more whiffs more than a little of hypocrisy. And many real Christians have been deeply offended by the prime minister making such claims after policies that have increased the incomes of the richest at the expense of the poor, that flies in the face of their basic theological beliefs. To them the PM is simply playing the professional christian with a small c i.e. using their faith as his own political propaganda machine.

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