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 MP pay rises Cuts Ed Miliband David Cameron cartoon

David Cameron and Ed Miliband political cartoon

Let Them Eat 1% editorial. Following MPs awarding themselves an 10% payrise, the party leaders pictured as French aristocrats paraphrasing Marie Antoinette just before the people rose up against the injustice and unfairness of unrepresentative power, for Tribune.

The government's claim that we are all in it together could not have been made to look more ridiculous that by MPs voting themselves a wage rise more than 10 times that of most workers. With inflation around two percent again most people face their fourth consecutive year of real terms drop in living standards and with the slowest economic recovery on record this looks set to continue. Along with employers now taking hundreds of thousands of staff on zero hours contracts and workfare people being used by big companies to replace paid staff can it be any wonder the electorate consider all politicians in Westminster detached from reality and irrelevant. There can be no bigger indicator of political failure than the record numbers of people choosing not to vote.

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