Caricatures - Gary Barker Illustration

Caricatures - Gary Barker Illustration

UK political cartoons
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Caricatures by UK cartoonist

Gary Barker

Caricatures created for various national and international newspapers, magazines and websites created by UK cartoonist and illustrator Gary Barker

Gary has been a professional cartoonist and created political cartoons for nine years and in that time has created many caricatures and political cartoons for a variety of British and international newspapers and magazines. He has also been commissioned to create pieces for advertising campaigns and originals for prominent politicians and business people around the World.

Gary first created regular weekly caricatures of a prominent business people and occasional politicians for Accountancy Age magazine and in 2010 he began creating additional weekly likenesses, for Estates Gazette. Many of these originals were bought by the subjects or by friends and family. Since then he has created political cartoons for most of the UK's national newspapers and many prominent business magazines.

His work has a traditional approach and uses ink for line and watercolour. His work is highly detailed and seeks to catch the essence of the subject, as well as the physical likeness.

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Fleetwood, Lancashire
United Kingdom